As great visions unite, Medicine Hats are born.

These ready-to-wear Medicine Hats are collaborations with creative souls. Each a unique affirmation that Creativity is Connection.


Hampui x Freya 

The Freya x Hampui collaboration preserves the unique handmade, spiritual nature of Willee's craftsmanship and merges it with the Freya ethos. Freya x Hampui hats are designed for the fashionable nomad incorporating novelty trims sourced from around the world, including woven ribbons from Peru, Sari fabric from India, and scarves and iconography from Freya's Middle and Far Eastern influence. Every beautiful hatbox deserves a beautiful hat.


Hampui x Frank Wilder

The Frank Wilder x Hampui hats became instant legends.  Digging into Frank’s narrative of duality and totem identity, this collaboration finds the medicine in the Light and the Dark.  The design was dreamed up in the clouds between Frank and Willee, with leather hatbands touched by Frank’s signature paint splatter and bandana fabric trim by which you identify the unknowable.  Frank Wilder totems can be added to bring that timeless medicine to your hat.


Hampui x Tribe Kelley 

When Hampui met the folks behind Tribe Kelley, an instant kinship was formed.  Their was a mutual recognition of shared medicine, both family businesses, passionate about brining beauty to the body in a sustainable and ethical way. Tribe Kelley’s production is based entirely in the United States. Some of this collaborative collection, designed and made in Berkeley, will be available at Tribe Kelley's online store, while a few select hats will exclusively be available at their Trading Post in Nashville, Tennessee.


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