Welcome to the next step of your Medicine Hat journey.

In order to make a Medicine Hat that will be of highest service to you life, we invite you to engage thoughtfully and intentionally with this process. Here you will learn more about what that means.

To start your Medicine Hatting Ceremony, please fill out your information through the form at the bottom of this page. To the best of your ability, let us know your preference for materials including color and trim. However any decisions you are uncertain about can be decided upon in the Hatting Ceremony. The ceremonies typically last between one and two hours and take place at the Hampui workshop in Berkeley. 

After you have confirmed your appointment, begin to collect any objects from your life that you wish to place on the altar or have affixed to your hat. These items can be lightweight objects or materials such as fabric, stone, metal, etc. that can easily be sewn on or drilled into. Your Medicine Pieces should support your spirit’s Protection and Connection. If you can’t think of anything to bring, you can explore our collection of Hampui sacred Medicine pieces that have been collected over time, space, and continents. 

If you cannot make it to Berkeley, you can still fill out the form below and set up a virtual Hatting Ceremony where we will design your custom hat together. In this case, you can ship any personal Medicine Pieces to me once your appointment is set.

A blessing on your head.

Medicine Hat Options

Partial Custom Felt Hats can typically be completed during your Hatting Ceremony. The are formed to our specification on turn-of-the century machines in the mountains of Bolivia using special formulations developed with our local Bolivian partner. These hats are available in limited edition colors and shapes, and the brim length and trimming will be tailored to you.  Start a $475*

Partial Custom Straw Hats can typically be completed during your Hatting Ceremony. The partial custom straw offerings are grade 4 Panama hats. Through our direct relationship with weavers in the villages outside of Cuenca, Ecuador, we are able to guarantee the best quality and facilitate as much income as possible is given directly to the weavers themselves.

Straw: Our straw hats are Grade 4 panama hats woven of toquilla straw in the towns outside of Cuenca, Ecuador. Famous for their breathability and capacity to block sun, these hats are, terrific for the summer months. Start at $475* 

Full Custom Medicine Hats are typically completed 2-4 weeks after your ceremony, due to the amount of custom work involved. They begin with a unformed body of felt or straw, available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. These hats include a custom lining as well as a variety of sweatband options. The straws are made using grade 20+ Montecristis—the finest straw hats in the world. Start at $750*


Schedule your hatting ceremony

Please select a time for your Hatting Ceremony and enter some information about the hat that we'll make. You'll find more information about pricing for the various options within the form.

We require a valid credit card to begin work on your Medicine Hat.  You will not be charged anything at this time, however we do require a $150 security deposit. We only charge your card if you cancel your appointment within 48 hours or don't complete your order after we've started working on it. By booking your appointment below, you're agreeing to these terms and conditions.

When you miss an appointment, it means someone else was unable to start their Medicine Hat journey so please be mindful when booking your appointment so you can be there and be on time.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Hampui!

*Our business is a practice of reciprocity. It is extremely important to us that anyone who needs a Medicine Hat is able to get one. If the standard pricing is prohibitive please get in touch using the contact link at the bottom of the site, and we can discuss your situation and how we may be able to get you a Medicine Hat.