Sacred Reciprocity

We source only sustainable raw materials, engage our artisan partners in a way that is culturally sensitive and economically just, and maintain flexibility in our payment structures to make sure that our hats remain accessible to all people.

Artisan Partners

Showcasing the artistic traditions of different peoples around the world provides a fair economic market to sustain these vanishing crafts and connects our global community by the sharing of beauty through our hats.


The fibers for our felt hats are sourced from free-range sheep or reclaimed invasive Coypu. The dyes that color our hat bodies are from natural sources, never synthetic. We use soft llama leather for our sweat bands, which supports ancestral Andean llama herds, as opposed to the environmentally destructive raising of cattle.


D R E A M   Y O U R   O W N   C U S T O M   H A T


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