Our Partners

We are proud to partner with some of the finest craftsmen and women in the world. From weaving to silversmith to embroidery to leatherworking, our partners bring passion for their craft and we are honored to share their work with our community.

Dona Alicia

A master weaver of the Sacred Valley of Peru, Dona Alicia inherited the techniques from her grandmother, she now carries a tradition dating back millenia. She single handedly shears the alpaca fur, spins the yarn, makes the dyes from natural plants, insects and minerals, and weaves the designs. The weavings tell ancient stories of the Quechua people, recorded only in these patterns. Because of the economic stimulus of using her weavings on our hats, she is now teaching her family members to weave, promising the continuation of an ancient tradition. Her scarves, ponchos, Alter cloths, and other textiles are also available through Hampui, with all profits returning to her family and her work.

JJ burton

Established in 1975, Jack Burton uses the same tools and methods native to the 19th century silversmiths of the American Southwest. He was introduced to silversmithing on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, and still holds ties to his artistic lineage there. For Hampui Hats, he works primarily with coin silver, hammering old dimes hundreds of times on an anvil before hand tooling ancient designs on their faces.

Arwyn Moonrise

Channeling the essence of her subjects, Arwyn Moonrise stitches magic through freehand embroidery designs with dimension and spirit. She learned to embroider during her childhood watching her mother mend and decorate the families clothing on their organic blueberry farm in rural Maine, and reconnected with stitching later in life. Fueled by her passion for creating, recognizing the power of bespoke sacred garments, and wanting to help reduce fashion waste by giving vintage clothing new life, she started her custom embroidery business Township 31 (named after the township she grew up in). Arwyn creates one of a kind custom embroidery on Hampui Hats that tell a story reflecting meaning and sacred connection.