Hat Size Guide

Each of our hats is made to order so that we can make you a hat that is the perfect size.  Hat size ranges from small (56cm) to extra large (61 cm). If your hat size falls in between our normal sizes, we can stretch the hat to be half a size larger, or block it in half a size smaller. In order to get your hat size perfect, we ask that you provide a centimeter measurement of the circumference of your head.

Hat Sizes Chart

Hats size Guide

When considering your hat size, you can also take into account head shape.  Longer faces tend to do better with taller crowns (think the Marlboro Man or Abe Lincoln).  Rounder faces tend to do well with rounder hats (think Charlie Chaplin).  If you can tell if your face leans longer or rounder, you might want to consider a corresponding hat.  Think of the brim of the hat as a horizon line, where the crown reflects the face.  In this way, we are able to create balance in the face using the hat as a frame.

If you are unsure of your hat size, wrap a soft tape measure around your head.  Do not pull the tape measure tight, as the measurement will correspond to your hat size.  If the measurement is too tight, your hat will also be too tight.

Measure for your hat size  just above your ear where the hat will rest. This is normally where your head is widest.  Measure your head multiple times to make sure that you get the hat size right. 

Use the measurement to select from the following hat sizes that we offer.

S: 55cm

M: 57cm

L: 59cm

XL: 61cm

When in doubt, or if you are in between hat sizes then size up and send us a note when you place your order. We will make sure to include some special felt tape strips that you can easily place in your hat to help it fit snugly if the hat is a half size too big. 

How to measure hat size correctly

Hat size can also be affected by the shape of your head.  You could measure your head to be a certain size, but have more of that measurement front to back, or side to side.  If you are able to determine whether your head is more oval or more round, we can adjust that also to get your hat size right.  If you don’t know, you can always send your hat back to get adjustments until we make the hat size perfect.  Don't forget, hats will break in like boots.  So if it feels like the right size, but has slight pressure points, wear it for a few times to let it naturally form to your head.   It is important to us to get your hat size right, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help figuring out your hat size.