Felt Hat

Wool-felt hats - Hampui wool-felt hats are formed from a dense felt body made of a unique combination of two complementary wool types that together create a felt that’s breathable, comfortable, and keeps its shape over the years. Soft Merino fibers from free-range Patagonian sheep are combined with curly, hearty wool from heirloom Bolivian sheep creating a soft yet dense wool felt that is like nothing else on the market.

Coypu-felt hats - Hampui fur-felt hats are made from sustainably reclaimed Coypu, an invasive relative of the beaver that shares it's excellent hat-making qualities. Coypu are trapped for environmental reasons to mitigate their detrimental effects on swamplands and marshes. Rather than let their pelts go to waste, Hampui reclaims their fur to create lasting-quality and sustainable hat felts. Our Coypu hats are multi-generational masterpieces that will stand up to the elements and the test of time.


“Abundance. A promise of what is to come.”


Adorn a fresh Hampui to be your own hat designer. Tie on your favorite fabric or wear it raw and simple. The dream is yours.   200gram Wool Felt Fedora Llama Leather Sweatband    5" Crown3 1/4" Brim (can be cut to any width upon request)


"In the snowy peaks, The Eagle nests."  


“In Marrakesh, a man named Mohamed braids his leather.”


"...flock together"  


“In Marrakesh, a man named Mohamed braids his leather.”


“ The sweetness of life”

From $100.00

Give the gift of Hampui!   Gift cards can be used for online ready-to-wear orders as well as in-store and virtual appointment purchases and full Custom Medicine Hattings. Appointments can be scheduled on the Hatshop or Custom pages. $340 is the average price for in-store or ready-to-wear.  If you'd like a physical gift card, please let us know in the notes at checkout and we'll send you one. If not, it will be virtual.


"Where the rhythm meets the road"  


“In Marrakesh, a man named Mohamed braids his leather.”


"I watched the sun rise and knew that everything was just right."  


“Soften. Where the waves break, we hear all those who have come before.”