“Annie Londonberry, first woman to circle the globe on a bicycle. 1894."


- Bone Coypu Felt Open Crown - Pyrography Painting by Arwyn @township31 Brim Width: 4"Crown Height: 5" Size: 57cm - Medium   Hampui has partnered with master embroider Arwyn Moonrise of township 31 to bring forth her Medicine through thread and fire on one of a kind Hampui Hats. Drawing inspiration from a deep relationship to her plant and animal allies and the tradition of her craft, she brings new life through the images and designs that she dreams onto our felts. She is also available for custom commissions. You can see more of her thread alchemy on Instagram @township31


“The life-force of all things. The power to manifest"   Designed in Collaboration with Ugo Mozie 


“There's something beautiful on the other side...”


"Where once were bright under sky, now have sunk to tidal rock."  


"Blessed by the hands of Xelkom"  


"Blessed by the hands of Xelkom"  


“Care to dance?"


A sterling silver over bronze hand-stamped with Spiny Oyster Shell cabochon “Railroad Tag” pendent on a mixed glass, stone, and shell bead necklace finished with our signature Sterling Silver “Serpent & Portal” clasp.


A silver over bronze hand-stamped with sterling silver Thunderbird “Railroad Tag” pendent on a mixed glass, silver and stone bead necklace finished with an antique glass trade bead.


"From deep within the source"