Coypu Felt Hats

Our fur-felt hats are made from sustainably reclaimed Coypu, an invasive relative of the beaver that shares its excellent hat-making qualities. Coypu are trapped for environmental reasons to mitigate their detrimental effects on swamplands and marshes. Rather than let their pelts go to waste, we reclaim their fur to create lasting-quality and sustainable hat felts. Our Coypu hats are multi-generational masterpieces that will stand up to the elements and the test of time.

Every hat is made to order, so if you have any special requests regarding brim-width, distressing, or other design modifications, please add a note to your order and we will follow-up with you.


“Bouncin' round the room"


“Burn some sage, turn the page"


“I've got one more silver dollar"

From $100.00

Give the gift of Hampui!   Gift cards can be used for online ready-to-wear orders as well as in-store and virtual appointment purchases and full Custom Medicine Hattings. Appointments can be scheduled on the Hatshop or Custom Hatting pages. $340-$400 is the typical range for wool and straw ready-to-wear and standard custom hats.  Full Custom Medicine Hattings start at $950 If you'd like a physical gift card, please let us know in the notes at checkout and we'll send you one. Be sure to include a shipping address. If not specified, it will only be delivered virtually.


"Beading and adornments by Alaynee Goodwill, Lakota/Dakota Nation"