Coypu Felt Hats

Our fur-felt hats are made from sustainably reclaimed Coypu, an invasive relative of the beaver that shares its excellent hat-making qualities. Coypu are trapped for environmental reasons to mitigate their detrimental effects on swamplands and marshes. Rather than let their pelts go to waste, we reclaim their fur to create lasting-quality and sustainable hat felts. Our Coypu hats are multi-generational masterpieces that will stand up to the elements and the test of time.

Every hat is made to order, so if you have any special requests regarding brim-width, distressing, or other design modifications, please add a note to your order and we will follow-up with you.


“Bouncin' round the room"


“Burn some sage, turn the page"

From $100.00

Give the gift of Hampui!   Gift cards can be used for online ready-to-wear orders as well as in-store and virtual appointment purchases and full Custom Medicine Hattings. Appointments can be scheduled on the Hatshop or Custom Hatting pages. $340-$400 is the typical range for wool and straw ready-to-wear and standard custom hats.  Full Custom Medicine Hattings start at $950 If you'd like a physical gift card, please let us know in the notes at checkout and we'll send you one. Be sure to include a shipping address. If not specified, it will only be delivered virtually.


“To greet the people"   Designed in Collaboration with Ugo Mozie 


“The life-force of all things. The power to manifest"   Designed in Collaboration with Ugo Mozie 

Beaver felt hats have traditionally been considered the finest material for making fur felt hats. This is because beavers have a natural water repelling oil in their fur, which is a favorable quality for hats. However, beavers are integral parts of riparian ecosystems, and their populations are being decimated for the beaver felt hat industry. In comes the coypu (nutria), an invasive relative of the beaver, who are being eradicated for conservation efforts. Hampui hats is proud to be reintroducing coypu as a sustainable alternative to beaver fur felt hats. FAQs:

Q.Has nutria fur been used for hats for a long time?

Coypu (nutria) entered the world of hats in the 1930’s, and was considered a highly coveted fur in fashion. In the 1980s, as fur went out of style, the nutria population ballooned, leading to today's environmental concerns around their population.

Q.Is Nutria fur guilt free?

Imported to Louisiana and other states in the 1930s, coypu (aka nutria) were initially raised on fur farms for their lustrous pelts. When a few escaped into the wild, their population quickly exploded into an invasive army that destroys wetlands by eating marsh grasses and burrowing into levees and bayousides. Although damage is down due to the success of the state’s Coastwide Nutria Control Program, which pays a $5 bounty for the tails of captured nutria, the marsh-munchers continue to impact over 6,200 acres of coastal wetlands each year. They have been spotted as far west as the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in California, raising great alarm and additional urgency on population control. Currently, 98% of nutria are simply destroyed after capture. Reclaiming their pelts into useful and fashionable apparel encourages bounty hunters to increase their nutria yield, decreasing damage to the wetlands.

Q.Is fur felt waterproof?

Yes nutria fur, like beaver fur hats are completely waterproof. When wet, make sure to leave your fur felt hat in the position that you want it to hold when it dries.

Q.How can I take care of my fur felt hat?

1. Don't leave it in direct sunlight (no car dashboards for long periods of time) 2. Do clean dry stains with a brush, if not removable, use fine sandpaper (220 grit) 3. If you leave your hat on a hook, make sure to rotate it occasionally or, better yet, wear it! 4. Feel free to call or email us with any questions about your new nutria fur hat!