Weavings by Doña Alicia

Keeping alive the ancient techniques and stories of her ancestors, Alicia's hands are responsible for every single step of these textiles' creation. She sheers the alpaca, spins the yarn, gathers ingredients from the valley to prepare the natural dyes using ancient formulations, dyes all of her yarn, and then finally, weaves these garments. Traditionally, Quechua has no written language, rather their stories were woven into tapestries using symbology, colors, and patterns to embody the culture's narrative histories. Alicia is one of the few women who still posses the knowledge of these stories and the skillsets to weave them into being. Providing an economic incentive enables Alicia to keep this tradition alive and provides an opportunity to pass it along to the next generation; because of the market we have helped her connect with, she is able teach her daughter and other youth how to weave a viable future for themselves and their ancient traditions. All of the proceeds from these Ponchos go directly to Alicia.