Panama Hat

Hampui works directly with Ecuadorian and Peruvian weavers to create beautiful, lightweight Panama Hats that are finished in our Berkeley, CA studio. Panama hats are the finest (and most expensive) hats in the world.  Woven from toquilla straw in the Ecuadorian highlands, panama hats have been regarded as a wardrobe staple for centuries. A misnomer, panama hats got their misleading internationally from a famous photograph of Teddy Roosevelt touring the panama canal, wearing an ecuadorian made straw hat, launching a fashion trend and the term “panama hat.”


"Follow the glow to where the waves break"  


"Rest beneath the cactus tree"  


"Up early for the twilight colors"  


"You don't need wings to fly"  


"The Saguaro as your Guidepost"  


"The best of what might be."  


"Never caught slippin"  


"Baskets of citrus down by the springs"  


"Flying in the flames"  


"Sow them in their season"  


"Always a gentleman"