Straw Hats

Our straw hats are formed of either hearty Mexican Palm straw or featherweight Toquilla straw from Ecuador. The palm straw is braided and then sewn for breathable yet super durable wide-brimmed hats. We work directly with Ecuadorian weavers to create beautiful, lightweight Panama Hats that are finished in our Berkeley studio. Perfect for the hotter days, these straw hats are breathable, lightweight, and offer excellent protection from the sun.


"Loves it when you make that sound"  


"It's never about the punchline"  


"The Saguaro as your Guidepost"  


"Hot sun, cool creek."  


"The best of what might be."  


"The magnificent sea lion crater"  


"Cracked bricks in the Southwest sun"  


"Exceptionally hot"  


"You don't need wings to fly"  


"Sow them in their season"  


"Follow the glow to where the waves break"  


"Rest beneath the cactus tree"