Custom Medicine Hats

Each Hatting Ceremony is unique. The general protocol involves bringing personal stories and objects to create an altar for your hat. What comes forth from the prayers and your intentions for your life will inform our custom design of a hat that will be truly and deeply your Medicine Hat.

To schedule your Medicine Hatting Ceremony, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. The ceremonies typically last around two hours and take place at the Hampui workshop in Berkeley or via video chat if you are not able to come to the studio. 

After you have confirmed your appointment, you may collect any objects from your life that you wish to place on the altar or use to decorate your hat. These items can be lightweight objects or materials such as fabric, stone, metal, etc. that can easily be sewn on or drilled into. If your ceremony will take place over video chat, you may ship any personal materials to our studio. We also have our own own extensive collection you can draw from.

Custom Medicine Hats begin with an unformed body of hand-woven toquilla straw or extremely high quality felt, available in a wide variety of colors. Together we will determine the perfect crown shape and brim size for you. These hats include a custom lining as well as a variety of sweatband options. Custom Medicine Hats start at $950 and are typically completed within three to six weeks after your ceremony.*

If you're looking to create a personalized hat with less investment of time and resources, check out our Hatshop Visits for another way we can create a hat together.