Our wool-felt hats are formed from dense felt body made of a unique combination of two complementary wool types: the first, free-range super soft Patagonian merino, and second, a heirloom Bolivian sheep's wool that is curly, hearty, and structured. Together they create a felt that’s breathable, comfortable, and keeps its shape over the years. We finish them with a llama leather sweatband and trimmings from our artisan partners all over the globe.

Every hat is made to order, so if you have any special requests regarding brim-width, distressing, or other design modifications, please add a note to your order and we will follow-up with you.


"Colors of the K'iche'"  


"Along the spine of the Andes"  


“Imagine.  What you are seeking is seeking you.”  


“Trust. You are a being of light so necessary for our constellation.”  


Adorn a fresh Hampui to be your own hat designer. Tie on your favorite fabric or wear it raw and simple. The dream is yours.   200gram Wool Felt Fedora Llama Leather Sweatband    5" Crown3 1/4" Brim (can be cut to any width upon request)


“...where the birds sing, and the soil speaks”


“ ...with our feet in the earth. Rooted.”


“ ...the windswept wave”


"On the dry eastern slope, where the thermal waters rise, a sweet scent in the fields"  


"Pulled back into the deep"  


"One bushel of bread, one barrel of wine, and all the town, she come to dine."  


“In Marrakesh, a man named Mohamed braids his leather.”